Marcuss Hall - Hymns of Failure (2011) [7/10]

Pop folk mélodique, voix cristalline, fragile, mélancolique, genre week end sous la pluie. Timbre fascinant, technique maison, le résultat à des tripes, un album fait de sang et de larmes.

his collection is songs is something inside of me. Searching. Questioning. Doubting and debating. In no way is this album meant to offend but rather make the listener open their minds a little and dig deeper into what they believe and find out why they believe.
released 02 August 2011
All songs written and performed by Marcuss Hall. Recorded July 2011 on an ipad 2 with garage band, eurorack ub802 mixer and a mxl 990 mic along with built in mic on ipad 2 and effects. Cover art manipulated" 

Bandcamp ( you should buy it !) / Facebook

Pays/territoire : Illinois, États-Unis
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